• Phineas in his bathing suit wearing sunglasses
  • Phineas doing nothing
  • Phineas and perry as little kids
  • Phineas driving a race car while playing a guitar
Phineas is one of the two main characters in the show.

Relatives and InfoEdit

He has a step-brother named Ferb Flecher . He is the one who does all of the talking between the two. He likes to build things with Ferb. His sister, Candace Flynn, tries to bust Phineas, but never succeeds.


Some of the things Phineas has built (with Ferb's help):

  • An epic roller coaster
  • A beach in his backyard
  • A Platydroid (machine to keep an egg warm that they thought Perry laid, it looks like a platypus butt)
  • A song for Perry when they thought he went missing
  • An amazing miniature golfing course
  • A superhero suit (they were known as The Beak)
  • A machine that takes any object and moves it to a landing dock in their backyard
  • Flying car of the future...TODAY! (They only invented this in a dream)
  • A machine to help Jeremy dance
  • A plane to travel across the world
  • A giant robotic dog

And this is an incomplete list! There are many more inventions, but there are too many to write.